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Automotive Connector Kits

26 April 2018 07:38

Automotive Connector Kits

Save time and effort in automotive connector component sourcing by purchasing connector kits.

Do you find it annoying that when you need to replace an automotive connector you need to hunt down and source all the individual parts that make up that connector?  We certainly do and it is so easy to make a mistake on a part number and receive the wrong component making the connector useless until you source the right one.

We use a number of different auto connectors during our manufacturing of various automotive diagnostic breakout leads and when creating the bill of materials we create mini kits of components so that the technician has exactly the right parts to complete the manufacture.

So we thought that it would be a great idea to offer these automotive connector kits to our customers enabling them to save time and effort in their component sourcing.

We are going to give it a go and see what you think with the first offer being for Deutsch DT 04 Series 2 and 4way connector kits.  More will follow with Kostal and AMP Superseal next.

Have a look at the automotive connector kits here