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Variable Resistors for Automotive Diagnostics

22 October 2019 16:18

New Variable Resistors 10K Ohm and 100K Ohm

We are on a roll this month for new product development.  Meet our new variable resistors for automotive diagnostics.  These variable resistors are ideal for automotive technicians diagnosing and testing sensors and monitored circuits.  A number of sensors use resistance as the method to record the state of change of a vehicle component position etc.  This has the effect of altering the signal voltage that is being sent to the ECU.  These changes in resistance are useful to a technician in that they can be replicated and substituted on the same signal wires.  This enables sensors to be tested for operation and accuracy, wiring to be diagnosed for shorts or high resistance and ECUs to be confirmed as being able to interpret correct signal voltages or not.

In order to assist this process we have created three variable resistors that will be a great addition to any technicians toolbox.

WTS-AVR1T-10K - This is a 2W rated variable resistor that spans 0-10K Ohms in a single turn.  Useful for swift application of wide resistance changes.

WTS-AVR1T-10K 2W Rated Variable Resistor

WTS-AVR10T-10K - This is a 2W precision variable resistor that spans 0-10K Ohms over ten 360 degree turns.  A change in resistance can be very accurately controlled by use of a 0-10 turn dial which can also be locked to prevent movement.

WTS 10K Variable Resistor

WTS-AVR10T-100K - This is the larger brother of WTS-AVR10T-10K with the same specs but having a maximum resistance of 100K Ohms over ten 360 degree turns.  It also has the 0-10 turn dial mounted on it to accurately control resistance changes.

WTS-AVR10T-100K 100K Resistor