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Deutsch Automotive Connector Breakout Leads for Diagnostics

14 May 2019 10:00

Deutsch Automotive Connector Breakouts for Vehicle Diagnostics

The Deutsch DT, DTM and DTP Series connectors are designed specifically for cable to cable applications. The DT connectors are used in harsh environment applications where foreign deposits entering the connection may be critical to performance. 

Deutsch 2 Way Automotive Connector Breakout Lead

This 2 Way Deutsch breakout lead is part of our range of automotive connector breakout leads and is designed to connect to 2 pin Deutsch connectors found on many diesel engine CAM, Crank and other sensors. The 2 Way DT Series accepts contact size 16 (13A) and 14-20 AWG cables. The rectangular, thermoplastic housing and wedge locks ensure alignment and reliability under harsh environments.

Deutsch 2way Automotive Connector Breakout

Deutsch 2 Way Automotive connector Part numbers:

1 x 2 Way Deutsch Female Connector                                  Deutsch Part No. DT04-2P-E004

1 x 2 Way Deutsch Male Coupling Connector                       Deutsch Part No. DT06-2S-PO12

Deutsch 4 Way Automotive Connector Breakout Lead

The Deutsch DT Series general purpose connectors will provide reliability and performance on the vehicle’s engine, transmission or on the chassis. The 13A rated sealed connectors offer proven reliability and rugged performance.

Deutsch 4way Automotive Connector Breakout

Deutsch 4 Way Automotive connector Part numbers:

1 x 4 Way Deutsch Female Connector                                  Deutsch Part No. DT04-4P-E004

1 x 4 Way Deutsch Male Coupling Connector                     Deutsch Part No. DT06-4S-PO12

Deutsch Automotive Connector Diagnostic Application examples:

  • Line continuity and insulation testing
  • Measurement of sensor and actuator resistance in the engine compartment
  • Measurement of Voltage with an oscilloscope or Multimeter
  • Measurement of Current with a Current Clamp
  • Coil dynamic testing and connection of a diagnostic tool
  • Prevents damage to Automotive connectors caused by back probing pins

The 2way and 4way Deutsch Automotive Connector Breakout leads require a BNC to 4mm Banana Plug Patch Lead to connect to either a handheld or PC based automotive oscilloscope. Popular Automotive instruments include; PicoScope, Hantek, DITEX, TiePie, Snap-On, Sealey and Bosch.

Specialists in Automotive Connectors

Warwick Test Supplies offers Automotive Connector leads from various brands in the automotive industry. Discover Automotive Connector breakout leads from; Bosch, Delphi, Deutsch, AMP and Kostal. If you require new connectors rather than break out leads then we also supply Automotive Connector Kits for quick and reliable diagnostic solutions.